We offer a range of services that is suitable to your unique situation and offer customized solutions and training programmes.  We specialize in one-on-one training first to determine the route of the issue before we recommend alternatives like group training classes, or in some instances veterinary consultation.

We train Dog Breeds of any kind, size, age, and background.  Whether you got your puppy from a breeder or your rescued your dog from a welfare organisation - we can assist!


We come to your home for an initial consultation to obtain all the history of the dog, the problems that you are experiencing, the triggers for the issues and then recommend the best approach.


We only use positive reinforcement methods as we believe that dogs should be happy and healthy and well socialized and don't use any form of punishment.  Even punishment is seen at "attention" can just just imprint the incorrect behaviour rather than correct it in a positive manner.


We also offer group training classes and puppy socialization classes should this be the best solution for your dog.
Our classes are not only aimed at dogs with behaviour problems -we offer general, basic obedience classes for all dogs.


Behavior problems such as destructiveness, digging, excessive barking, indoor soiling, aggression, nervousness, disobedience, phobias and tail-chasing are understood, prevented or modified by determining the causes, meeting the needs of the animal/s, correcting communication patterns and modifying the behaviour using a combination of practical advice, positive reinforcement, pack psychology, calming signals and touch therapy.  

Dog behaviour problems are many and varied; here are some of the areas we can assist you with:

Rank Issues, Separation Anxiety, Unruly Behavior, Dog to Dog Aggression, Over Excitement with Visitors, Digging, Pulling on the Lead, Chewing / Destructive Behavior, Jumping Up, Dog to People Aggression, Persistent and Excessive Barking, Issues with Car Travel, Nervousness, Fear or Phobias, Nipping and Biting.