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We Take Your Pet's Health and Well being Seriously and focus on improving the human-canine bond.  

There is nothing more frustrating to coming home to an unruly pet, that has some behavior issues and you have tried all the conventional methods and nothing is working!  Worse yet is that you are considering re-homing your pet!!  

Most dogs don't understand what we require of them as they never been taught in a proper, positive way.  Mostly they try to please us and sometimes tell us something is wrong with their incorrect behavior.  This is sadly sometimes seen as a "bad" or "unruly" dog - but dogs don't share the same "negative" emotions like humans have. All they want to do is please us and love us and sometimes they do things that we perceive as "naughty" or "spiteful" but dogs are incapable of expressing these emotions.  

Behavior problems such as destructiveness, digging, excessive barking, indoor soiling, aggression, nervousness, disobedience, phobias and tail-chasing are understood, prevented or modified by determining the causes, meeting the needs of the animal/s, correcting communication patterns and modifying the behaviour using a combination of practical advice, positive reinforcement, pack psychology, calming signals and touch therapy.
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Arnel and Ulrike