Pet-loving, Highly Skilled Trainers

Both Ulrike and Arnel have extensive experience in handling and training dogs and we both handle Golden Retrievers professionally in Breed Conformation Shows.

We have a range and a combination of qualifications and courses and both over 20 years experience in dogs

We started our business because we realized their is a need for personalized training, as many owners do not have the time to take their dogs to formal training classes and with family commitments and so many trainers to choose from, makes it challenging to decide what is the best option for your family and your dogs.

Unfortunately there is also a lot of Training Schools and Trainers that offer classes without the necessary experience and qualifications and some still use the old, outdated methods of negative re-reinforcement / forceful training.

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications Completed:

  • Puppy Socialization and Behavior - Edupet
  • Basic Animal Behavior (Dogs) - Ethology Academy
  • Canine Culture Instructors Course - McKaynine Training Centre

Training / Qualification in Progress

  • Petsense College - Advanced Diploma – Canine Behaviour Management.


  • Over 20 years experience training dogs
  • 15 years Professionally showing dogs


Animal Behavior Consultants of South Africa (ABC) - Membership